Three Tips For Optimising Your Team’s Performance in Business

Tailor Train is a business transformation Manchester consultancy that has been helping businesses from a variety of backgrounds, industries and sizes change and improve their business through our transformation programmes.

We know that when it comes to business, your team is everything. If your staff are not working efficiently and together, then they are not working to their fullest potential.

But how can you optimise your work force and increase your own company’s productivity and profitability?

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Allow Your Team to Make Decisions for You

Rather than having to have everything looked at and signed off by you, grant your employees and teams the ability to action things themselves.

You may be dubious and worried that things will go wrong unless they pass your editorial eye, but the reality is, if you trust your employees, you should be able to let them make decisions on your behalf.

The process of requesting permission, checking and approving can cost time and money for your organisation and if it can be avoided buy trusting your teams more- do it!

Take it from a business transformation Manchester company, this shift in decision making can make a huge impact on your employee’s effectiveness.

Provide as Much Training as Possible  

This one may seem obvious but it is often over looked, so many employers are favouring the ‘on the job training’ approach these days which often translates to them not having enough time or money to train employees.

The reality is however, training does not need to be expensive or time consuming, it may be a case of one or two hours a week lead by in house staff to get everyone up to speed.

Provide Training Now And Avoid Mistakes Later

What you spend in time and money training, you will be sure to recuperate further down the line with avoided mistakes that cost more time and money to rectify.

As a business transformation Manchester company with a lot of experience in training staff, we know that training can have a massive impact on productivity of teams.

Speak to Tailor Train about the type of training your staff could benefit from.

Listen to Your Team’s Feedback

Just as important as telling your team what to do is listening to what they have to say. By listening to employee feedback you can gage what is and isn’t working within your departments and teams.

You can then make changes if necessary to improve efficiency and provide better working conditions for staff. Remember that happy staff are often the most productive.

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