How to Measure Your Call Centre’s Customer Experience?

For many businesses, their call centre is their most crucial point of contact with their customers. This means that your brand reputation depends to a great extent on the customer experience you offer.

But, how do you measure customer experience?

This calls for careful monitoring to assess the ability of your call centre staff in providing effective service and support. You will have to track and measure a variety of metrics and KPIs to assess the experience provided by your agents.

Here are some metrics that will help determine the effectiveness of your call centre in providing stellar customer experience to your callers.

First Call Resolution

This metric measures how often your callers receive resolution on their very first call. This is one of KPI you must constantly keep a track of when you want to offer the best customer service.

According to a report by SQM Group, for every 1% improvement in first call resolution, there’s a 1% increase in customer satisfaction.

As you can see, first call resolution has a direct impact on customer experience.

But there’s more. When you improve your first call resolution rate, it will result in a reduction in your operating costs as well as an improvement in employee satisfaction.

Response Time

This metric measures how soon you handle a customer’s call on average. Put another way, it measures the time you take before answering a customer’s call. This helps determine the resources you will require to efficiently manage the volume of calls you receive.

In fact, response time is considered to be an indicator of the kind of experience customers can expect from a call centre.

A fast response time improves the customer experience, but that is not the only aspect. Solid call management is also a crucial part of offering high levels of customer satisfaction.


Direct feedback from your customers (by way of a survey) can help you gain valuable insight.

This metric will help you understand what it is that your customers expect/desire the most from your call centre. It’s a great way to understand the loyalty of your customer towards your company and helps measure the strength of this relationship.

How Tailor Train Can Help

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