How to Improve Staff Performance in a Call Centre?

Improving the performance of your call centre staff may seem like an uphill climb. However, there are some essential changes you can bring in that can have a direct effect on how they engage with their work, handle customer complaints and get along with their co-workers.

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Here are some steps you can take to improve staff performance at your call centre.

Identify the Underlying Issues

Identify the areas where your agents are having issues and the areas that require improvement. Is the agent constantly scoring low in specific types of calls? Do you find that there are a variety of performance issues such as poor communication skills, poor problem-solving skills or issues with processing transactions?

Perhaps you can tag along with the agents while they are on call to identify what their challenges are and what’s contributing to their low performance.

The results from the trend analysis, assessment and observation sessions will help you in identifying the root cause of the performance issues.

If you need assistance at this stage, consider hiring a coaching initiatives management company.

Put in Place an Action Plan

Once you’ve identified the areas where each agent requires help, put in place an action plan to address the said issues.

Create a list of resources that are available at your disposal to help improve the agent’s performance. This can include:  

  • Signing up the agents to training sessions
  • Offering job aids or reference materials
  • Providing additional training in communication skills
  • Training the agent by having him tag along with one of your top performing agents to help them learn the right ways of handling complaints and difficult customers

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

As important as improving the agent’s performance is the act of communicating the problem to the agent. Schedule a meeting to discuss the performance issues. Ensure that the agent is aware of the quality assessment criteria.

Provide constructive feedback while also recognising the agent’s strengths and skills.

Review the action plan that you have developed and reiterate that it’s been put in place to support and assist the agent.

Provide Feedback Regularly

This is the most important step in the process. Be sure to carry out regular evaluations of each agent’s calls and provide feedback in a timely manner. If need be, provide additional training to address specific issues and the agent’s needs while reinforcing what the agent is doing right.

Monitor Performance and Improvements

Monitor the performance of your agents. Recognise the areas where you find improvement and praise them for the incremental improvement. Constantly provide coaching as well as support to ensure the agents grab every opportunity to improve their performance.

Tailor Train Can Help

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